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Our Process

Clouds become rain. Rain becomes water. And when that water percolates deep into the earth, we draw it up again to formulate our craft spirits. We begin with water fresh from local aquifers and Florida-grown grain. Our process ends with a perfect glass of crisp, pure spirits and we fully recycle the leftover water and source ingredients, with the spent grain becoming livestock feed.

its corn

Instead of relying on electric cooling, we also use the water to geothermally cool our distillation equipment—the aquifer runs 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, even when it’s sunny Florida swimsuit weather on the surface.

shoveling said corn

When we were first developing our flagship vodka, we recognized that oysters naturally filter the rivers and streams feeding into all the bays that surround the Gulf, from Grayton and Rosemary Beach to Tampa, St. Pete and beyond. Why not utilize those same oyster shells to transform distilled grain into something smooth and spectacular?

double refined

We’re one of the only distilleries in the United States to filter our raw spirits through a mix of coconut carbon and clean oyster shells sourced regionally from Florida’s robust shellfish economy.